White Feather

Care Advice

Post Whitening Procedure

What to expect after your in-office whitening / take home whitening.

  • Sensitivity during the procedure that could last for the next 2-3 days.

    • You may use the sensitive toothpaste

    • Avoid consuming cold/hot food and drinks for a day to minimise sensitivity.

    • You may take some painkiller medication if necessary

  • Why is my gum “white” after doing my take home whitening?

    • This is due to some whitening gel coming into contact with the gums. To avoid this from happening, load just sufficient gel (about the size of a grain of rice per tooth) onto your tray, wipe off any excess gel from your gums if present.

Post whitening Care

  • Do not consume any coloured food/drinks for the next 2-3 days

  • If you really need your daily caffeine boost, drink it via a straw.

Temporary crown Care

Just gotten your temporary crown?

Can my temporary crown break or dislodge?

  • Yes, please do not panic.

  • Call the clinic to inform us and we will recement it for you.

  • Do not attempt to “glue” it back

How do I care for my temporary crown?

  • Avoid eating hard and sticky food (e.g. Peanuts; almond; cracking open crab shell; ice cubes; glutinous rice)

  • Brush your teeth as per normal

Care after dental treatment with Local Anaesthetic

Depending on the type and amount of local anaesthesia you received during your treatment, it may take about 2-3 hours for the numbness to wear off completely. During this time, please AVOID hot food/drink and becareful not to bite into your cheek/lip. Should you accidentally bite into your cheek/lips, please inform us and we will advise you accordingly.