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Dentures are a cost-effective solution to replacing missing teeth

Dentures are removable prostheses that replace missing teeth. Made out of acrylic or a combination of acrylic and metal, dentures help to restore function as well as improve aesthetics. 

Flexible dentures are a popular choice today as they are comfortable and do not require unsightly metal hooks. 

Dentures require an adaptation process, especially when there are many missing teeth being replaced by dentures. The adaptation process involves learning how to chew and speak with the dentures, increased production of saliva and sore gums. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I care for my dentures?

Dentures need to be removed and cleaned after every meal. You can clean them by brushing them in addition to brushing your teeth after meals. Soak your dentures at night after cleaning them, in water or denture cleaner. Do not wear your dentures to sleep as research has shown that removing your dentures for at least 8 hours a day allows the gum tissues to rest, resulting in better long-term health of gums.

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