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What to do after Teeth Whitening

What to do after Teeth Whitening

Congratulations on your gorgeous, white smile! 

What to expect after Teeth Whitening:

  1. You may feel teeth sensitivity for the next few days after teeth whitening. 

  2. You may switch to using sensitive toothpaste.

  3. Avoid consuming too cold or hot food and drinks to minimise sensitivity.

  4. You may take some painkiller medication, if necessary.

  5. Some areas of your gums may appear 'white' after Home Whitening. This is due to excessive whitening gel contacting your gums. To avoid this, load just sufficient gel (about the size of a grain of rice per tooth) onto your tray, and wipe off any excess gel. The 'white' gums will heal with time. 

Tips to make your teeth whitening results last longer:

  1. Do not smoke for at least 3 days after teeth whitening (or even better... quit smoking!) 

  2. Avoid consuming coloured food/drinks such as red wine, coffee, tea, or curries for the duration of Home Whitening and best avoided for a week after Home or In-Office Whitening. 

  3. If you need a caffeine boost, drink using a straw to reduce fluid contact with your teeth. 

  4. Use Whitening Toothpaste gently or as instructed by our Dentists.

What is the correct way to do Home Teeth Whitening:

  1. Home whitening should be done on clean teeth. Floss and brush your teeth before starting Home Whitening.  

  2. Clean your Whitening trays with a toothbrush. 

  3. Dry your Whitening trays. Use tissue or cotton buds to dry the inner surfaces of your whitening trays. 

  4. Dry teeth surface with a tissue before loading your whitening gels. 

  5. Load just sufficient gel (about the size of a grain of rice per tooth) onto the inner surface of the whitening tray. Cap the Whitening gels tight after use. 

  6. Check to ensure an even spread of the gel over the surfaces of your teeth to whiten. 

  7. Wipe off any excess gel from your gums.

  8. Wait for the correct amount of time as prescribed by our Dentists. It is ok to swallow your saliva during the whitening process. 

  9. Remove the Whitening trays. Gently clean your teeth and the whitening trays. 

  10. Store the Whitening trays and gels in a cool, dry place. 

  11. Repeat the Home whitening process as prescribed by your Dentists. 

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