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Painless Dentistry

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Don’t let your fear or anxiety prevent you from receiving the dental treatment that you need

Sedation dentistry alleviates fear and anxiety during treatment, by providing pain relief, amnesia (partial or loss of memory of the procedure) and relaxation as the patient ‘sleeps’ through the procedure. 

We offer in-office IV sedation and General Anesthesia, that are administered by anesthetists.

IV sedation induces the patient into a state where he is unaware of his surroundings, but may still respond to stimulation and is capable of breathing on his own. IV sedation may be minimal, moderate or deep.

Patients under General Anesthesia have a complete loss of consciousness and will need respiratory support throughout the procedure.

What are the indications for sedation dentistry?

  • Dental anxiety and phobia

  • A very severe gag reflex

  • Children requiring multiple dental procedures and who are unable to cooperate 

  • Medical conditions affecting the patient’s ability to cooperate during treatment

  • Traumatic and prolonged dental procedures

Frequently Asked Questions
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