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Kids First Dental Visit

We love to be part of your Child’s Dental Journey!

We believe a happy dental experience goes a long way. 

How can I prepare my child for his/her 1st dental visit?

  1. Discuss and role-play the first visit with the use of books or videos about what a typical dental visit is like

  2. Ensure that your child is well-rested and not hungry

  3. Do bring along your child's favourite toy for your child to play with while waiting and to hold onto during the visit

  4. Use positive language and be encouraging, even if your child has a hard time cooperating

  5. Allow your child to accompany you for your routine dental visit, because you are the best role model!

What to expect at your Child's first appointment

  1. Introducing your child to the clinic’s environment and getting them familiar with the dental chair and equipments. 

  2. Assessing your child's dental development: Correct position, Correct number of teeth?

  3. Comprehensive intraoral examination of any: 

    • Decays and/or cracks tooth;

    • Gums problems 

    • Infection

    • Misalignment of teeth 

    • Wearing of teeth

  4. Let's discuss any dental concerns that you have for your child so that we can tailor treatment plan(s) most suitable for your child

  5. Radiographic examination (only IF needed)

  6. Scaling and Polishing to remove plaque, tartar and external staining on your teeth. 

  7. Home oral hygiene care and dietary advice for both parents and child

Are Dental X-rays safe?

  1. Radiation exposure associated with dentistry is low in dosage (e.g. 10 dental x-rays = 1 chest x-ray)


What to bring for your child's First Visit to the Dentist?

  1. Your favourite toy to hold/cuddle!

  2. Previous Dental/medical records (if any)

  3. Your kid's current toothbrush for us to check its suitability and how it is being used. 

  4. Baby Bonus Card (if applicable)

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