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5 indications for crowns and bridges

Crown & Bridges

Ways to strength your teeth and replace missing teeth

Crowns (also known as “caps”) and bridges are fixed prostheses that are cemented onto your natural teeth or implants. Made out of metal, porcelain or a mixture of both, they help to restore form and function, as well as improve aesthetics.

Indication for Crown & Bridges

  1. Restore a fractured or cracked tooth

  2. Protect a tooth that has had root canal treatment from fracture

  3. Change the colour and shape of a tooth

  4. Replace a missing tooth where an implant has been placed

  5. Replace a missing tooth by using the neighbouring teeth for support in the form of a bridge

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do crowns and bridges last?

Crowns and bridges can last a lifetime with good care in terms of good oral hygiene and regular dental check-ups, to ensure that the tissues supporting the teeth remain healthy. However, they do sometimes come loose or fall out, and porcelain crowns can chip or fracture. 

Is it necessary to replace a missing tooth? 

That depends on the location of the missing tooth and individual needs. 

In situations where there is a possibility of neighbouring/opposing teeth drifting and tipping into the empty space, we would strongly recommend timely replacement of the missing tooth.

Why does a tooth that has had root canal treatment require crown?

The lack of nerve and blood supply to the tooth result in it being more brittle. A crown encircling the tooth greatly reduces the risk of tooth fracture. 

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