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Adult First Visit

We value our First Encounter!

Let's talk about You and Your Oral Health Concerns.

What to expect at your first appointment

  1. Medical History Discussion

  2. ​Discussion of your dental concerns

  3. Comprehensive intraoral examination of:

    • Decays

    • Cracks

    • Gums disease

    • Infection

    • Misalignment of teeth

    • Wearing of teeth

  4. Radiographic examination for:

    • Any hidden cavities  

    • Bone loss

    • Wisdom teeth problems

    • Any unusual growths in the jaw 

  5. Diagnosis and Discussion of various treatment plan and options​​

  6. Follow up care and management 

At My Dental Team, we have a cost effective Digital Health Screening (DHS). 

Digital Health Screening (DHS) package

We offer cost effective Digital Health Screening (DHS) package which includes:

  1. Consultation 

  2. Examination

  3. Digital x-ray

  4. Thorough gum cleaning (scaling & polishing). 

Why are Dental X-ray so Important?

  1. Helps to diagnose hidden decay(s) between teeth/under gums

  2. To detect any abnormal growths within the jaws

  3. To check for improper positioning of teeth/presence of extra teeth or lack of teeth

  4. To assess severity of gum disease

  5. This forms a good baseline record for future reference and follow-ups

What to bring along at your first visit?

  1. Previous x-rays

  2. Dental records 

  3. Referral/Doctor's letter

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