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The first 30mins is critical 

My Dental Team provides the management of:

  • Cracked tooth 

  • Dental Trauma (broken tooth/dislodged tooth)

  • Dental infection (pain and swelling)

  • Excessive bleeding after extraction

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some common causes of cracked teeth?      

  1. Hard food diet

  2. Clenching and grinding habit

  3. Heavily compromised teeth/teeth that have undergone root canal treatment without the protection of a crown 

What should I do if my tooth dislodges after a fall?

  1. Place the tooth in a bottle of milk/saline if available. Otherwise, to place in mouth.

  2. Do not wrap in tissue or soak in water

  3. Do NOT attempt to clean/scrub tooth clean

What are some common causes of dental infection?

  1. Deep cavities causing nerve to be infected

  2. Deep crack on tooth hence allowing bacteria to travel into the nerve of tooth 

  3. Gums Infection due to gum disease

  4. Gum infection due to impacted wisdom tooth

What should I do when I experience excessive bleeding after removal of tooth/teeth?

  1. Roll up a pieces of sterile gauze, place it over the extraction site and bite firmly on it for 30 minutes. 

  2. Avoid excessive rinsing of mouth.

  3. Visit your dentist if active bleeding continues

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